A Lesson In: Leaving the corporate world to pursue your passion with Wendy Pruitt Creates Founder, Wendy Pruitt

Wendy Pruitt

"You can be happy and you can find the best part of what you want. You don't have to settle for boring, or not right or toxic. It's okay to do your little piece of whatever on a small scale if it makes you happy."

- Wendy Pruitt

Walking into what Wendy affectionally refers to as her “70’s disco condo” for our interview I could tell right off the bat that Wendy and I were going to get along. Her carefree spirit and welcoming energy made me instantly feel like we had been friends forever. 

This ability to make people feel comfortable and at ease plays a major role in her business. Wendy has been in marketing, branding and advertising for years, but a year and a half ago she decided to leave the agency life and go out on her own. Within a year Wendy was matching her corporate salary and doing it all from the comfort of her own home. 

In this episode we talk about so many different things, but the heart of the conversation is centered around the idea that you don’t have to settle for a job or work environment that doesn’t fulfill you. Wendy took the courageous steps to create a brand of her own and although she had fears and doubts she pursued her vision and now works helping small businesses make their mark. 

Here are some of the things we discuss: 

  • Eliminating toxic people and anything that causes you to doubt yourself
  • Wendy’s experience going back to work 6 weeks after having a baby
  • Why Wendy needed to mentally and physically cleanse herself of everything from her former agency life to allow her true talent to shine 
  • The 5 year question Wendy’s business coach asked her that gave Wendy a more clear picture for her business
  • Learning to truly believe it when people compliment you and your work 
  • Setting up “sacred times” for you and your business
  • Creating workflow processes that will allow you to manage stress 
  • Where Wendy’s inspiration comes from 
  • The process Wendy goes through with her clients to flesh out what it is they actually want their business's branding to convey
  • The ONE thing you should absolutely be doing to build a successful brand 
  • Where Wendy’s love of Black & White cookies came from and where you can find the best Black & White cookie in Atlanta 

More about Wendy: 


Wendy’s business coach: Shelly Brockman of themoxieproject.com 


Books that have inspired Wendy: 

The E Myth

You are a Badass

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