A Lesson In: Trusting your gut and pursing your visions wholeheartedly with Shelly Brockman

Shelly Brockman
It’s a powerful realization when you really grab ahold of the idea that ‘I can make tomorrow different than today and it’s all by my actions, my thoughts, my mindset and my decisions’
— Shelly Brockman

Today’s episode is part 2 of my conversation with The Moxie Project founder Shelly Brockman. 

Shelly Brockman is a numbers person. She says she is just as happy with a calculator and a pencil as she is with a new pair of shoes. Along with her love of numbers, Shelly also has a deep enthusiasm for examining human behavior and figuring out what drives people. 

Shelly began working in the financial industry in Atlanta at the height of the 2002 stock market downturn. Then in 2008 when the housing market crashed along with the stock market Shelly witnessed first-hand how quickly someone’s life savings could be taken away from them through no fault of their own. It was in that time that Shelly had an epiphany. Were these people, who just lost all their hard earned money, really happy doing it or were they just doing it so they could retire? She realized that life was too short to settle and knew she wanted to make a change. 

Fast forward to Shelly’s daughters second birthday and she had left what she refers to as her “former life” in the financial industry behind to start The Moxie Project.

The Moxie Project is a women’s small business and entrepreneurship training initiative with the mission to help women free themselves from the status quo and start living their life on their own terms. 

Shelly is so full of research based knowledge and real life experience helping women. We talked for so long that I felt it was best to split our conversation into two parts. Here are some of the things we discussed in Part 2 of our conversation:

  • The talents and roadblocks associated with the 3 types of entrepreneurs: outsiders, innovators and trendsetters 
  • The process Shelly goes through with her clients to get them from idea to launch
  • The importance of getting customer feedback 
  • What Shelly has seen can be the NUMBER 1 killer of your success
  • Tapping into your fearless self and learning to trust your intuition 
  • The importance of building processes and systems into your business upfront in order to avoid burnout

More about Shelly: 

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Instagram: @themoxieproject 

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