A Lesson In: Marketing your brand & the power of Gratitude with Rachael Hoffman

Rachael Hoffman
What would be possible if you could dream larger than life. And what could you achieve if you didn’t feel like anything was holding you back?
— Rachael Hoffman

Rachael Hoffman is one of those people who everyone in the room gravitates towards. 

She is vibrant and magnetic. She speaks with authority, but listens with intent. Best of all, she goes above and beyond to help those around her in any way she can, regardless of how well she knows them and regardless of if she will get anything in return. 

I was first introduced to Rachael from a mutual friend and before she even met me she had agreed to come on the podcast and then offered to help me throw the launch party! I was truly taken aback and extremely grateful for her willingness to help someone she barely knew. But I’ve come to learn that that is just who she is. 

Rachael grew up in a suburb of Chicago and after dealing with some trauma in her late teens she turned to music to help her cope. She got into radio broadcasting and DJ’ing which  eventually led her to a job in nightclub promotion. The experience she gained from creating and marketing events in the nightlife industry led her to a business partnership with a good friend. Together they created marketing and ad campaigns for brands such as FlyWheel and Exhale Spa. Rachael eventually landed her current position as the VP of Marketing for Keune Haircosmetics North America where she leads a team talented women. 

Rachael is extremely knowledgeable about marketing and advertising. In this episode she shares her insight into the best practices for marketing a small business or brand. We also dive into the blessings and struggles of motherhood, the power of gratitude and how having a growth mentality is the key to achieving your goals. 

Here is more of what you can expect: 

  • How marketing and advertising has evolved over the past decade 
  • The importance of being relevant and engaging to your audience 
  • How she landed her job with Keune Haircosmetics 
  • The best way to use social media to market yourself or your business 
  • A big mistake brands make when it comes to their social media marketing 
  • Tracking the analytics of your marketing 
  • Staying true to yourself and your brand 
  • Tailoring your marketing strategy to your business and brand 
  • The idea that you have to GIVE to your audience before you can ASK from your audience 
  • How Rachael juggles motherhood and business 
  • Taking action every single day to have a growth mindset and cultivate the life you want 
  • Her practice of gratitude and how it shapes her life and her family dynamic 
  • The power of vulnerability 

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