A Lesson In: Navigating your health and learning to treat your mind and body as one with Raiyah Elahi

I believe that the only way to change the trend of chronic disease in this nation is to educate our children early
— Raiyah Elahi

When it comes to health and wellness, it can feel like you are navigating a maze. One person says fat is no good while another says a full scoop of butter in your coffee is the way to go. Enter Raiyah Elahi. As a certified health coach, Raiyah’s goal is to take the confusion out of health and wellness. She creates personalized regimens to fit her client’s needs while also helping them to focus on treating the mind and body as one. Raiyah’s passion for overall wellbeing is what lead her to create two wellness-based businesses. The first, Flourish Mind and Body, is Raiyah’s wellness consulting business. And the second, Food for Tiny Thoughts, is geared toward helping children develop and learn healthy habits at a young age. 

Here are some of the things we discuss: 

  • How her Pakistani heritage impacted her childhood and increased her desire for education
  • How your health changes when you start viewing the body as a whole: mental, emotional and physical health are all connected 
  • Raiyah’s tips for helping you stay committed to your health plan
  • The different factors that effect weight-loss 
  • The need Raiyah saw in the health industry that lead her to start her consulting firm “Flourish Mind and Body”
  • The power of networking and Raiyah’s tips for increasing your confidence at networking events
  • How Raiyah’s passion for educating children on what it means to be healthy lead to the creation of "Food for Tiny Thoughts"


The Center for Internal and Integrative Medicine 

Food For Tiny Thoughts 

Books mentioned: 

How Successful Peopel Think by John Maxwell


Samantha Wadley